Who We Are

Dolly Foundation International started as a local non-governmental organization in Assin Foso, Central Region, Ghana, and West Africa. The organization was formed in January 2009, it got registered in June 2010 with Registrar General Department and social welfare department.

To contribute to the effort towards the well-being of women and children.

Empower the women and children to contribute to sustainable development of the nation.

To help eradicate poverty among women by providing employable skills and in house training and workshops.To strongly advocate and pursue equal rights of women and children for available opportunities and responsibilities without any form of discrimination.

Our Goals

  • To serves the needs of the poor and vulnerable generally but particularly focuses on deprived areas, poor children, orphans, farmers, physically challenged persons, women and the unemployed youth in the society.
  • To help achieve meaningful development in deprived Africa communities by working in collaboration with other organizations working in the fields of community health services, cross-cultural exchange program and research and advocacy.
  • To provide stewardship in terms of awareness creation, Advocacy and setting priorities needs for communities members.
  • To serve as a community partner to improve quality of life for mother's and children in rural communities in the world