Brain Girl Academy Award

Our Project is registered with Girl Up. Brain Girl Academy Award is a new initiative by Miss Rosina Akourkor Teye, Director of Dolly Foundation. The project is about identifying girls who has excelled in their examination and award them with a citation and certain basic items to encourage them to do their best. These girls are going to be selected from their upper primary educational level. The aim is to identify 20 girls from 10 public schools who has pass well in their third term promotional examination, to congratulate them of their extraordinary academic performance. In My communities most girls drop out of school after completing the upper primary, some of these girls are forced to early marriage or a sent to become domestic maid in the big cities.

The project seeks to let parent know that when girl are given the right motivation they can also excel in their academic performance. The 20 girls during their vacation will attend extra class which will be organized by the Organization through the help of volunteers who are student in the training college within our communities. These students have agreed to voluntarily prepare these girls to enter Junior High School. The vacation classes will last for one month; there will also be other developmental programs to empower these girls on their reproductive rights and career choice.
The subject to be taught will be Mathematics, English and Science