2017 SDGs Awareness Tour

The 2017 SDGs awareness tour under the theme; “The world we want” In Partnership with BIK Libraries kicked started on the 28th of January, 2017 at Abakrampa senior high school, a coed school in the Central Region of Ghana. Two hundred students were in attendance, which comprised of eighty males and one hundred and eighty females. The program was scheduled to start at 11 am and end at 12 noon. The program kicked off with the opening remarks read by the Head prefect of the Senior High school, he spoke on “The awareness of student when it comes to Sustainable Development Goals”. Other students also graced the program with beautiful performance acts of singing and reciting poems. Further ahead into the program, executive from World Merit Ghana introduced the students to “our world” through a video and picture slide show. These videos and pictures addressed the topic of Sustainable Development Goals, its inception, transmission from Millennium Development Goals, its impact and its influence over the couple of years.

Ama Serwaa Sarkodie Mensah the Assistant Director of Partnerships for World Merit Ghana was introduced unto the stage by The Head Prefect of Abakrampa senior high. Miss Sarkodie took the stage to educate the students on how The MDGS became The SDGs, its impact and the work being done to achieve the organizational goals by the year 2030. She also spoke on how the students shouldn’t be by -standers but how they could contribute their quota to the accomplishment of these goals. After Miss Sarkodie’s informative presentation, she called upon seventeen students to hold up flashcards displaying each of the SDGs, and pictures were taken by the aesthetic eyes of MR. Joseph who doubled as a photographer and videographer. As part of the closing ceremony a representative from Abakrampa senior high school, showed appreciation by sharing kind words on how helpful and educative the program had been. Finally, the entire school pledged to take part in the achievement of the SDGs, which drew the program to a final close.

The second program took place at Mfantsipim Senior High School on the 4th of February, 2017 in partnership with BIK Libraries and EQWIP Hubs Ghana and Let’s Sprout, where Miss Sarkodie spoke to an audience of over 500 boys on the each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the transition from Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and how the youth can partake in these goals. After this one-hour session, Ama engaged the students in an interactive question session where they asked questions on the SDGs and she explained fully to their understanding. The later of the program involved pictures and videos with the kids where they showed interest in starting up various committee in their school that dealt with issues like climate. The program had Ravi Kakara, a high official of the United Nations speak on the SDGs via skype.

World Merit Ghana in collaboration with Dolly Foundation and EQWIP Hubs recently organized an awareness program themed, ' Intro to Eco-Entrepreneurship Workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals' where we had interactive sessions with over 50 participants where they came up with projects and ideas on how to tackle particular SDGs. Miss Sarkodie’s spoke on the SDGs once again for about 20 minutes during the program. Also Roger Worldwind, the Vice President of World Merit, a global community of youth change makers focused on the global goals, spoke via skype on the Global Goals.